Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Blueberry night

OK, I had this huge pleasure to play with new Kimla's kit, Blueberry night. Huge I mean HUGE. This kit is awesome!!! I love colours, I love elements, everything. I made few pages and I could do more (if kids were with grandma or something ;) )
My first page is for Karina and her sweet daughter Alicja. I love this little girl. I saw her once and I'm totally in love with her. I wish she could be my DIL :) My Szymek is only a month older from her so - everything is possible :) And I also hope we'll make some photos of our kids together this summer.

Credits here.

This is how I imagine fantasty world and nixie. There's an unicorn around the corner and some fantasty creatures in fern.
My second page is with my Szymek when he was a little baby, he was about a month old there. I have only few photos of sleeping Szymek. He doesn't like any noises so making photos is too loud to him. I have a choice - try to make a photo and wake him up or let him sleep. I definitely prefer the second option.

Credits here.

My third page is very simple, it's a gift for angels2003, I'm in love with her photos :)

Credits here.

Tomorrow is a big day to Diana (todido) who starts selling her unique templates. I wish her all the best :) This is my first page with her templates. And this is the second page with Alicja, Karina's daughter.

Credits here.

If you like Diana's art, you can apply to her CT, she has announcement on her blog.

I made also two pages with photos from our last holiday. Maciek was only 9 months old then. And now his little brother is 11 months old. Time goes by so fast..

Credits here.

Credits here.

I also want to share two more gifts I got from a wonderful lady, Fabi :) She made such a wonderful pages with my sweetie, I can't say how I love those two pages :)

Credits here.

The second page will be uploaded soon so look for credits in Fabi's gallery.


Andynka said...

These Lo´s are fantastic ! I like your work !! ;)

Magda_lena said...

Madziu, wspaniale prace, ale Ty zawsze takie skladasz!
Uwielbiam je, a fotki - miodzio :)

Juz pokazal sie zestaw, wiec mozesz RAKa pokazac ;)

Buziaczki kochana :*