Friday, 5 June 2009


I know, I neglected my blog. So today I'll just post all LOs I made from my last post here.

I made some photos of Szymek that were good enough to be popular among my scrapping Friends :) Lovely and very tallented Fabi made pages with Szymek's photos:

Credits here.

Credits here.

I got also one from Magdalena :):):) Dziękuję Ci Madziu :)

Credits here.

I got more pages, but I forgot to ask about permission for posting on a blog.

I also used those photos few times :) With Baby Elf by Lily (oh, girls, this kit is awesome and had an incrediblle alpha inside :) ). Both my LOs are made with this kit only :) The first one is something like an elf city. There are some amazing plants, sleeping animals and baby elves :) On the second there's a weet little girl with Szymek. It's Karina's DD, Alicja :) So the story is that kids were on a walk in forest, stopped to take some rest and found some magic glade. I love this story :) But the truth is that Alic
ja and Szymek didn't meet (I mean they met, but it was so long ago, when they were just few weeks old).

I used one photo of that photo session also in other LO:

Credits here.

Diana (Todido) invited me to her team and I have a great pleasure of using curves :):):) Here are my two pages. First was made to our wedding album. This year we'll celebrate 5th anniversaty, so it's high time to have a photobook :)

Credits here.

Credits here.

Journaling: I've never thought that all stories about dirty boys are so true. I thought that it's enough to taught a boy what is being clean to make him clean. I was so wrong. You revised all my teories again.You are a boy, who is clean only for first 5 minutes when we're going out, the rest you're always dirty. When your hands are dirty, you clean them using your shirt. When you see a puddle, you always jump into it. Twigs, stones can't stay alone, you have to collect all you find on your way. Your hands are always dirty. I change your clothes even 4 times a day and YOU ARE ALWAYS DIRTY. It seems boys will always be boys.

New page for our book from Bulgaria:

Credits here.

Credits here. This page contains my wishes for Szymek for Child's Day celebrated in Poland on 1st June.

Now some exotic pages from Martencja's A Taste od Africa. This kit is so amazing, papers are amazing and elements - well, everybody can find there something for themselves, it's huge and amazing :)

And two more pages (the rest later or tomorrow). Very boyish pages :)
First of them has photos of all three my guys, last September, on our 4th anniversary. There photos are funny and I really love them :)
The second one - photos were made outside my dad's garage :)

Credits here.

Credits here.


jenny said...

Hi Magda,

I have a small award for you on my blog :-)

pytlarka said...

Madziu wszystkie te prace są wspaniałościami!!

Zerknij do dmnie - coś jest dla ciebie :)

Miranda Buijs said...

Hi Magda,

Just found your blog and looooove your pages and you have got some great RAK's too.

Big hugs,

etrala said...

Madzia, a gdzie Ty się podziewasz ??

Didee said...

WOW so many gorgeous pages!!!! Just stopping by to say hello! xo

Diana said...

Wow! Piekne! Wlasnie malujemy pokoj naszego malego Oliwerka i szukamy inspiracji! Twoje strony sa super! Zdecydowanie zainspirowalas mnie, zeby tez sprobowac!