Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Calendar :)

My calendar came to me finally :):):)

This is my calendar I made with
Kimla's digikits and printed in Artscow. This calendar can still be bought at A5. It's a photo of final product and I'm so proud of it :)

About Project Christmas - I didn't give up, I follow my plan and have pages for every day plus a title page for a photobook, I just can't show my pages because kits I used still aren't in store. Update will be at the end of week :)

Sunday, 6 December 2009

Few photos

Maciek will turn 3 on Wednesday. I can't believe he's so big.. He's so smart and he talks like a big boy, he amazes me sometimes with things he says.
Yesterday we had b-day party, grandparents came and Maciek was in heaven. It was his day, his guests, his b-day cake in car shape (like Lightning McQueen which he loves, we had to change colour of b-day car because originally it was green and Maciek loves red Lightning) and his presents.

This is my big boy :)

Waiting for guests :)

Maciek with his b-day cake.

And for Pati few Santa photos:

Szymek's face on this photo makes me laugh :) He looks so funny :)

Saturday, 5 December 2009

Project: Christmas

I got crazy about Project Christmas :) Sandra encouraged me to participating so I want make a LO of everyday preparation to Christmas. LOs have lots of journaling and I love making it :)

My LOs from whole month will be uploaded here and list of credits will be below.

Project Christmas by FruitLoOpSally and Fizzy Pop
Fa La La La La by FruitLoOpSally and Kate Hadfield
First Christmas mini by Jofia Devoe
Time of Joy by Jofia Devoe
Mono Tones by FruitLoOpSally and Cinnamon Designs
Creation 23 by Catherine Designs and Createwings
Decorated Twines by Jofia Devoe
Lizzy by FruitLoOpSally
Sophie's B-day by FruitLoOpSally
Lazy Summer Days by FruitLoOpSally and Holly
Going Camping mini by Kasia
Big Adventure by Jofia Devoe
Boys are cool by Vera Lim
Letter to Santa by Lily Designs
Good Morning by Karina Designs
Hoppin Frog Jamboree by Lorie Davison exclusively for DAM
Homemade Holidays by A5 designers
Xmas Warmth by Karina Designs
Winter Romance by Kimla Designs and Martencja Designs
Birthday Wishes by Cinnamon Designs
Winter Sonata by Phuong Ton
Magical Morning by FruitLoOpSally
X-mas kit by ON Designs
9 days of Christmas by Lily
Holiday Shimmer by Phuong Ton and Microferk
Brighten my day by FruitloOpSally
Juicy Spring by FruitloOpSally
Changes by FruitloOpSally
Apple Blossom by FruitloOpSally
Autumn Impressions by Kimla Designs
Holiday Tradition by FruitloOpSally
Frosted Grunge by FruitloOpSally
Snowfall by FruitloOpSally
Winter Wonderland by FruitloOpSally
Winter Wonderland add-on by FruitloOpSally
Room Service by FruitloOpSally
Joy of Cooking by Karina Designs
What's for dinner by Cinnamon Designs
Winter Song by Jofia and Milla
Winter Fairyland by Martencja exclusively for DAM
Winter Poetry by Natali
Playing with Overlays by Natali
Open the Door the Magical Time by Natali
Drifting Snow Dreams by Lorie
Winter retreat freebie by Catherine
Christmas Medley by Kasia
First Christmas mini by Jofia
Time of Joy by Jofia
Nativity Doodles by Kate Hadfield

Friday, 4 December 2009

Bunch of christmas and winter LOs.

This time just LOs.

JJ (Lily Designs) amazes me with her cretivity :) She came with third wonderful kit, 9 days of Christmas. All her Christmas kits, Letter to Santa and Winter Skating are so delicate, I love all pages team made and if I had more time I would make a whole book only with these kits :)

Here's a LO with her newest baby, 9 Days of Christmas.

This page is almost identical to JJ's page, but I couldn't resist making a page with our gingerbreads, which we made with my friend, Magda and her lovely kids.

Two amazing designers came with gorgeous Christmas kits. Kimla created Merry Little Christmas and Karina created Xmas warmth. Both are wonderful.

OK, that's all, tomorrow we have a B-day party for Maciek, I can't believe that next week he'll turn 3...

Friday, 20 November 2009

My calendar

As I told yesterday, I wanted to show my calendar. I choosed 11x8,5 centerfold version, bottoms of my calendar aren't here, just the tops.

You can get this calendar in English version here. It goes with 8x11 letter size too. There's also A4 English and German version.

On Kimla's blog you can get additional 10% off coupon (it's still on 20% sale today so with that coupon you'll get 30% off).

I can't wait to get my printed calendar, I ordered it 1,5 weeks ago and I believe it should arrive today or in Monday. Grandparents got last year calendars and were in heaven, I hope this year they'll love it as much as I do.

Creating this calendar I was using Kimla's kits. She has amazing kits and her newest collab with supertallented Martencja, Winter Romance is just incredible.

Tomorrow is a very important day for my kids, especially for Maciek. We'll bake gingerbreads for Christmas :) He can't wait to make them, he remembers how we were baking gingerbreads last year and he asks every day if it's the day of baking :) I hope I'll be able to make photos of kids making gingerbreads :)

Thursday, 19 November 2009


Yay, I'm so happy :) My calendar made with Kimla's kits is in shoppe, yay!!!

We have 3 versions of this QP calendar:

Avalaible here

Avalaible here

Avalaible here.

Tomorrow I'll show you my version of this calendar. If you like this calendar, you may win it at Happy Place at DST.

And now about LOs.

Two fantastic designers, Kimla and Martencja teamed together and made an unusual collab, Winter Romance.

Finally I was able to make a page with Maciek, who collaborated with me and I was able to take him some photos.

Lily came with another amazing kit, Winter Skating :) And I really coudn't resist of making a page for my little Szymek :)

Catherine and Bisontine teamed together again and made Esprit de Noel.

I made a page for Shay and her lovely DD.

Last but not least here's an amazing RAK page made by Magdalena. Thank you Madzia for this precious :)

Thursday, 12 November 2009

Few new LOs

I wasn't around during summer. I traveled a little bit. Lots of time I spent with kids at my parents. Kids love being there, they are whole day outside and they enjoy being with grandparents. Then I traveled with my youngest son to a sea side then to my dear friend. I also had some time only with DH - we went to Prague for 3 days. 3 says is not enough to see that amazing town but I'm sure we'll go there next year too. We spent two wonderful weeks on a trip to Turkey. The most amazing thing about this trip was that we saw so many amazing places there. Meryemana, place where Virgin Mary fall asleep and was taken to Heaven, Efez, Troy, and also amazing Stambul and Kapadocia. We came back with tons of photos, now I just need some time to choose only few and print them as photobooks.

Now we're back in Warsaw again. And I'm back in scrapping again :)

Today I have few pages. First one is from new amazing kit Good Morning by Karina Designs. Karina is not just an amazing scrapper, she's an awesome designer too. I had this pleasure to meet her personally and she's a fantastic lady :) I can't wait for more her lovely kits.

Credits here.

I also have two pages with amazing Lily's kit, Letter to Santa. This kit with it's amazing wooden numbers would be perfect for advent calendar. If I wasn't ill I'd try to make one for my boys. Maybe they are too small for advent calendars, but maybe when I feel better I'll make something like this.

Credits here.

This page is for my little Szymek. He's such a sweet baby. I love making him photos and pages. Lately I can't scrap anything new photos of Macie because all of them are blurry.. He's so fast.. But Szymek can sit still so he has bunch of photos.

Aren't you in love with this sweet little baby? It's Martencja's son and I'm in love with his photos :) He's so adorable :) Thank you Martusia for possibility of using your amazing photos.

I also have two wintery pages. Sandra came with Winter Wonderland kit and I just had to use Maciek's photos from last winter.

Credits here.

Credits here.

The last page will be first page of winter photobook I think :) It tells a story what winter is, what kids wear and what kids do when snow is all around. Some words were replaced by tiny pictures - I did that because I know how much Maciek loves guessing words in books.

OK, I'm off to bed. Have a nice day!!!

Sunday, 8 November 2009

I'm back

I know, I wasn't around for a long while but now I'm back and I'll try tu update my blog from time to time.

Friday, 5 June 2009


I know, I neglected my blog. So today I'll just post all LOs I made from my last post here.

I made some photos of Szymek that were good enough to be popular among my scrapping Friends :) Lovely and very tallented Fabi made pages with Szymek's photos:

Credits here.

Credits here.

I got also one from Magdalena :):):) Dziękuję Ci Madziu :)

Credits here.

I got more pages, but I forgot to ask about permission for posting on a blog.

I also used those photos few times :) With Baby Elf by Lily (oh, girls, this kit is awesome and had an incrediblle alpha inside :) ). Both my LOs are made with this kit only :) The first one is something like an elf city. There are some amazing plants, sleeping animals and baby elves :) On the second there's a weet little girl with Szymek. It's Karina's DD, Alicja :) So the story is that kids were on a walk in forest, stopped to take some rest and found some magic glade. I love this story :) But the truth is that Alic
ja and Szymek didn't meet (I mean they met, but it was so long ago, when they were just few weeks old).

I used one photo of that photo session also in other LO:

Credits here.

Diana (Todido) invited me to her team and I have a great pleasure of using curves :):):) Here are my two pages. First was made to our wedding album. This year we'll celebrate 5th anniversaty, so it's high time to have a photobook :)

Credits here.

Credits here.

Journaling: I've never thought that all stories about dirty boys are so true. I thought that it's enough to taught a boy what is being clean to make him clean. I was so wrong. You revised all my teories again.You are a boy, who is clean only for first 5 minutes when we're going out, the rest you're always dirty. When your hands are dirty, you clean them using your shirt. When you see a puddle, you always jump into it. Twigs, stones can't stay alone, you have to collect all you find on your way. Your hands are always dirty. I change your clothes even 4 times a day and YOU ARE ALWAYS DIRTY. It seems boys will always be boys.

New page for our book from Bulgaria:

Credits here.

Credits here. This page contains my wishes for Szymek for Child's Day celebrated in Poland on 1st June.

Now some exotic pages from Martencja's A Taste od Africa. This kit is so amazing, papers are amazing and elements - well, everybody can find there something for themselves, it's huge and amazing :)

And two more pages (the rest later or tomorrow). Very boyish pages :)
First of them has photos of all three my guys, last September, on our 4th anniversary. There photos are funny and I really love them :)
The second one - photos were made outside my dad's garage :)

Credits here.

Credits here.

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Blueberry night

OK, I had this huge pleasure to play with new Kimla's kit, Blueberry night. Huge I mean HUGE. This kit is awesome!!! I love colours, I love elements, everything. I made few pages and I could do more (if kids were with grandma or something ;) )
My first page is for Karina and her sweet daughter Alicja. I love this little girl. I saw her once and I'm totally in love with her. I wish she could be my DIL :) My Szymek is only a month older from her so - everything is possible :) And I also hope we'll make some photos of our kids together this summer.

Credits here.

This is how I imagine fantasty world and nixie. There's an unicorn around the corner and some fantasty creatures in fern.
My second page is with my Szymek when he was a little baby, he was about a month old there. I have only few photos of sleeping Szymek. He doesn't like any noises so making photos is too loud to him. I have a choice - try to make a photo and wake him up or let him sleep. I definitely prefer the second option.

Credits here.

My third page is very simple, it's a gift for angels2003, I'm in love with her photos :)

Credits here.

Tomorrow is a big day to Diana (todido) who starts selling her unique templates. I wish her all the best :) This is my first page with her templates. And this is the second page with Alicja, Karina's daughter.

Credits here.

If you like Diana's art, you can apply to her CT, she has announcement on her blog.

I made also two pages with photos from our last holiday. Maciek was only 9 months old then. And now his little brother is 11 months old. Time goes by so fast..

Credits here.

Credits here.

I also want to share two more gifts I got from a wonderful lady, Fabi :) She made such a wonderful pages with my sweetie, I can't say how I love those two pages :)

Credits here.

The second page will be uploaded soon so look for credits in Fabi's gallery.