Thursday, 12 November 2009

Few new LOs

I wasn't around during summer. I traveled a little bit. Lots of time I spent with kids at my parents. Kids love being there, they are whole day outside and they enjoy being with grandparents. Then I traveled with my youngest son to a sea side then to my dear friend. I also had some time only with DH - we went to Prague for 3 days. 3 says is not enough to see that amazing town but I'm sure we'll go there next year too. We spent two wonderful weeks on a trip to Turkey. The most amazing thing about this trip was that we saw so many amazing places there. Meryemana, place where Virgin Mary fall asleep and was taken to Heaven, Efez, Troy, and also amazing Stambul and Kapadocia. We came back with tons of photos, now I just need some time to choose only few and print them as photobooks.

Now we're back in Warsaw again. And I'm back in scrapping again :)

Today I have few pages. First one is from new amazing kit Good Morning by Karina Designs. Karina is not just an amazing scrapper, she's an awesome designer too. I had this pleasure to meet her personally and she's a fantastic lady :) I can't wait for more her lovely kits.

Credits here.

I also have two pages with amazing Lily's kit, Letter to Santa. This kit with it's amazing wooden numbers would be perfect for advent calendar. If I wasn't ill I'd try to make one for my boys. Maybe they are too small for advent calendars, but maybe when I feel better I'll make something like this.

Credits here.

This page is for my little Szymek. He's such a sweet baby. I love making him photos and pages. Lately I can't scrap anything new photos of Macie because all of them are blurry.. He's so fast.. But Szymek can sit still so he has bunch of photos.

Aren't you in love with this sweet little baby? It's Martencja's son and I'm in love with his photos :) He's so adorable :) Thank you Martusia for possibility of using your amazing photos.

I also have two wintery pages. Sandra came with Winter Wonderland kit and I just had to use Maciek's photos from last winter.

Credits here.

Credits here.

The last page will be first page of winter photobook I think :) It tells a story what winter is, what kids wear and what kids do when snow is all around. Some words were replaced by tiny pictures - I did that because I know how much Maciek loves guessing words in books.

OK, I'm off to bed. Have a nice day!!!

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Brydka said...

Madzia, bardzo się cieszę, że widzę Cię w tak wielkiej i doskonałej formie, twoje prace są nieziemskie i uwielbiam je :)