Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Blueberry night

OK, I had this huge pleasure to play with new Kimla's kit, Blueberry night. Huge I mean HUGE. This kit is awesome!!! I love colours, I love elements, everything. I made few pages and I could do more (if kids were with grandma or something ;) )
My first page is for Karina and her sweet daughter Alicja. I love this little girl. I saw her once and I'm totally in love with her. I wish she could be my DIL :) My Szymek is only a month older from her so - everything is possible :) And I also hope we'll make some photos of our kids together this summer.

Credits here.

This is how I imagine fantasty world and nixie. There's an unicorn around the corner and some fantasty creatures in fern.
My second page is with my Szymek when he was a little baby, he was about a month old there. I have only few photos of sleeping Szymek. He doesn't like any noises so making photos is too loud to him. I have a choice - try to make a photo and wake him up or let him sleep. I definitely prefer the second option.

Credits here.

My third page is very simple, it's a gift for angels2003, I'm in love with her photos :)

Credits here.

Tomorrow is a big day to Diana (todido) who starts selling her unique templates. I wish her all the best :) This is my first page with her templates. And this is the second page with Alicja, Karina's daughter.

Credits here.

If you like Diana's art, you can apply to her CT, she has announcement on her blog.

I made also two pages with photos from our last holiday. Maciek was only 9 months old then. And now his little brother is 11 months old. Time goes by so fast..

Credits here.

Credits here.

I also want to share two more gifts I got from a wonderful lady, Fabi :) She made such a wonderful pages with my sweetie, I can't say how I love those two pages :)

Credits here.

The second page will be uploaded soon so look for credits in Fabi's gallery.

Friday, 22 May 2009

Somewhere over the rainbow

I could listen to this song over and over again. It's so dreamy and magical and I can't be bored with this song. This title is also a title of Martencja's new kit. This kit is magical and dreamy, as the song by Israel Kamakawiwo'Ole. You can listen to it here.

I hope my pages are at least just a bit dreamy like this song.

This beautiful lady on a photo it's Magda aka Meggy1985 and this page is my gift for her. Credits can be found here.

Credits are here.

This is one page for my wedding book. I like looking back and find some old photos and scrap them.

And now a page for my sweet boys. Aren't they cute? I love this photo. I have more photos of them kissing and hugging. But they also quarrel sometimes and they aren't angels at all. I'm pretty sure that when Szymek will learn how to walk, Maciek will lead him everywhere. He is a very good big brother but he also makes Szymek cry. I think it's normal, that things like this happen sometimes. The most important thing for me as a mother is that they enjoy being together.

If you like my pages, don't forget to check Martencja's blog and store. On her blog there's a free mini kit and in her store there's amazing Somewhere Over The Rainbow kit, Photomasks and Word Arts.

And here's a little gift - quick pages made from my pages.


I have also one more LO with my little one this time. Here it is.

Credits are here.

Have a wonderful Friday!!!

Thursday, 21 May 2009

Recipe exchange

We're still sick. Kids still have runny nose and from Sunday I don't feel well too. We're staying at home. Yesterday we tried to go for a walk but after that I felt much worse. So we're still at home. It's so boring, kids are getting crazy but I'm too weak to go out with them.
When boys sleep, I can make a page so I have few new.

Credits here.

Finally I scrapped MK-Designs' kits I got in her blog challenge. I love her style, her kits are full of both realistic and fantasty elements. I love extracting because no matter how bad was the background on a photo, it always looks great when it's extracted.
Both LOs were made for challenges at SPD. First one reminds me moments, when I want kids to fall asleep and they both do everything except sleeping. Scene created here shows sleeping animals (owl and bunny) and Szymek (I used his photo but Maciek is behaving the same) is smiling and he's not going to sleep at all.

Credits here.

This page has a text of polish song about May. In credits section you can listen to that song. I love all songs by Stare Dobre Malzenstwo and I could listen to them all the time.

Credits here.

Lately I got many, many RAK pages for my kids. Thank you Mag, Flora, Kasia, Marta, Iris, Lena, Stephanie and Irene. Next time I'll ask about permission tfor posting those LOs here, they are all fantastic. Iris allowed me show her page here, so here it is:

Credits here.

Phuong is going to make a recipe exchange challenge, soon, on her blog, there should details about it, so if you want to participate, check her blog. I made one page for this challenge and I think there will be more. Here's English version but I'll make polish one for myself (dziewczyny, jeśli chcecie uczestniczyć, to inne strony też będą po polsku) so that's no problem if you want to make it in your own language.

Credits: What's for dinner by Cinnamon Designs, In my Mommy's dreamy by Jofia and alpha from Changes by FruitLoOpSally.

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Free QPs

As I promised in my last post, finally I have two QPs for my blog readers (if there are any).

*** Sorry, the link is gone ***

I have also a new page with my little boys. These photos were taken in January. They both grow so much from that time. Here is polish version, in galleries there isn't journaling at all.

Credits are here.

Have a nice day!!!

Friday, 15 May 2009

Cherry Blossom by Lily is absolutely amazing, these flowers and other delicate elements let me create pages, I'm really pleased with. I made one more, with my lovely Szymek. This kit is versative to make pages for boys too.

Credits are here.

My second LO was made to Lily's QPs Postcard from the sea. I used here Leda's photos with her adorable daughter Kaylee. All QPs from that set are adorable.

Credits here.

And now something funky. Glam Fairy released today funny kit, Pop Summer. This kit is so funny :) I made some funny pages with MAciek. He is funny. He smiles in a funny way, he looks funny in his glasses, he's funny all the time.

I can't believe in this photo he was younger than Szymek is right now. He was amazing on a beach, he was crawling everywhere. He wasn't affraid that he might get lost, he was just exploring. His friend, Magda, who is in the same age, was just sitting and Maciek was everywhere. He even tried to go to the sea.

And here's my little model. He got sunglasses for Easter and he loves wearing glasses. I love his photos in glasses.

This photo I took on Wednesday. We are staying at home, because kids are still sick, but Maciek started using his potty (FINALLY!!!) and as we promised, after first day in pants I had to go to shop and buy him pants. He choosed pants with Scooby-Doo in racer so he has fairytale and Kubica in one. He was so proud in shop, he told the lady he uses potty and he wants pants with car. I had to make him photo just after we left the shop.

I'll be back later with free QPs.

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

If I could travel all over the world, I would definitely visit Japan, the Land of The Rising Sun, the Land of Cherry Blossom. I love movies that show at least a part of old Japan.

Today I have 3 LOs inspired by Asia. Lily Designs will release fabulous kit, Cherry Blossom, which is absolutely amazing. I made another page for my pregnant friend. I love her fantastic photos and I could scrap this picture all the time.

Credits here.

Second page was inspired by Thumbelina (Calineczka) by Hans Christian Andersen. I made this page for Karina and her little sweet girl, Alicja. I love Alicja's photos, she's such a sweetie :)

Credits here.

And the last page is also for my friend, it's a lift of a fabulous page by Kimla, Cherry Blossom. I won't upload it to galleries, because it's too similar to the original one, but I still love how it's turned out.

Just one more thing, Martencja is looking for a new team members, all details are on her ad. If you are interested, just visit her blog.

Monday, 11 May 2009

Bad weekend

Weekend wasn't as goodas it should be. Maciek got sick. He has runny nose from yesterday and today Szymek has runny nose too. They both cry and complain all the time :( And I'm alone with it, no one can help me stand sick kids. Piotr is working and family is too far away. I hope they recover soon.
I didn't make all LOs I planned for this weekend, only 3. Here they are.

My two guys in park. Credits are here.

Credits here.

It's about our family life, polish journaling is a bit different. This page I made using Phuong's template. It can be found on her blog.

Credits here.

I was RAKed by Cucciola and I had to use this gorgeous new kit. I made another page for my wedding album and I made another page about myself. I really need some photos of myself because I like making my pages. I did only few, but I really like them.

Credits here.

I was able to make a new page today. It's another one for my wedding book.

Friday, 8 May 2009

More new LOs

I have just two more pages to share. Both are made with old pictures. On the first LO Szymek is still in the belly. We took these photos just few days before he was born. Kasia, my brother's girlfriend made us those fantastic photos and I'm so grateful to her for those shots.

Credits can be found here.

The second page has even older photo. It's almost 2 years old, it's from our last holiday in Bulgaria. It's amazing that Maciek was so small then, he was 9 months old and now he's 2 years and 5 months old, runs and talks all the time. This LO is also my first as ON Designs guest.

Credits are here.

Yesterday I found out I got a GC for Cinnamon Designs just for leaving a comment on Nathy's blog :) I love her designs, I got few gifts from her :) I hope to post a LO from one of her gorgeous kits soon.

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

NSD shopping and new LOs

I'm quite good after NSD :) As I wrote before, in Poland we have long weekend at the beginning of May so we usually go somewhere out of town. This year we went to my parents and went to Krakow for a while to take rest of our stuff (It's almost done, only few things we left there). So I didn't spend much time shopping. I just bought few kits. I got a secong price at Marlies' blog challenge so I could spend some money on her stuff. I bough Golden Summer, Lovely Spring Morning and Goodnight Kiss. After unzipping it I was really blowed with all those gorgeous elements. I can't wait to make a LO with them :)

I also got a RAK from Kristen Rice and I could buy few her stuff. I got 365 templates, as I'm still making a photo each day. I got polish daters (man, it's so hard to get a proper font or alpha with polish signs and Kristen made all useful dates in polish, she rocks :) ). I also bought her Sheer Delight and I hope to use it very very soon.

I couldn't resist to buy Jofia's It's a bath time kit. Last month we t
ook some posed bath photos of Szymek so I had to buy this kit. I'm in love with Jofia's creativity from the beginning of her designing and I think I'll never get bored with her. Today Piotr took Szymek to the doctor and I had more time to scrap so I used this Jofia's kit.

Credits: It's Bath Time by Jofia Devoe, Sea Stories by Kasia, Opsy Daisy by Lily Designs and alpha is from Pink Bundle by FruitLoOpSally

After coming back from weekend I could scrap some pages so here they are.

Credits here.

It's my Maciek here with his friend, Alicja (you may know her from Magda (mru)'s pages - it's her DD :) It's a page for challenge at A5.

Credits here.

This page I made for SUTUCS competition. I had to quit after round 3, I spent too much time with family during Easter time so I didn't make a page for round 4. I love this page because it shows love between my kids. It was almost a year ago, Szymek was about a week old and my sweet Maciek wanted just kiss and hugs his little baby brother. You can read journaling in gallery, link is below the LO.

Credits here.

My sweet Maciek is truly my inspiration. I know, I'm not always good mother, I'm not as patient as I want to be, but he changed me the most and I'm trying to be a better person thanks to him.

Credits: Organic Artistry by FruitLoOpSally avalaible tomorrow at Pickleberry Pop. Bubbles are from Paint The Ocean by Lily Designs.

Yesterday we were making bubbles, I mean I was and Maciek tried hard. He looks so funny trying to make a bubbles :)

Friday, 1 May 2009

Happy NSD!!!

Happy NSD for everyone!!! It's a great day for scrappers, I love buying new kits and I love sales :) I'm counting my pennies, I'm choosing new kits and I feel great :) In Poland it's a free day, we always 1 and 3 May have free so we decided to go to my parents to Silesia. So I can't spend much time on buying stuff.
Oh man, traveling with kids in such a high temperature is not so good. Kids were complaining a little bit so we had to change our plans and instead of going today to take rest of our things from Krakow, we need to go there tomorrow.
Last days were passing by so fast, I had no time for scrapping but finally yesterday I made some pages.

Credits: Impressions of Mother Earth by Studiogirls Collective

This page I made with Szymek's photos made last Sunday. We were celebrating his 10 months with us and as always we took some photos. I love his smiling face :)
Credits: Meadow Story by Kimla, Beautiful WordArts by Glamfairy

Next two pages are made with fantastic FruitLoOpSally's kits.

I'm the Future by FruitLoOpSally coming tomorrow to IL. WA by Martencja Designs.

Next one is a gift for Emi (AmyPunky) and her niece.

Pink bundle by FruitLoOpSally coming tomorrow to IL.
Light VBreeze by Jofia Designs

Now it's time for shopping :)