Friday, 15 May 2009

Cherry Blossom by Lily is absolutely amazing, these flowers and other delicate elements let me create pages, I'm really pleased with. I made one more, with my lovely Szymek. This kit is versative to make pages for boys too.

Credits are here.

My second LO was made to Lily's QPs Postcard from the sea. I used here Leda's photos with her adorable daughter Kaylee. All QPs from that set are adorable.

Credits here.

And now something funky. Glam Fairy released today funny kit, Pop Summer. This kit is so funny :) I made some funny pages with MAciek. He is funny. He smiles in a funny way, he looks funny in his glasses, he's funny all the time.

I can't believe in this photo he was younger than Szymek is right now. He was amazing on a beach, he was crawling everywhere. He wasn't affraid that he might get lost, he was just exploring. His friend, Magda, who is in the same age, was just sitting and Maciek was everywhere. He even tried to go to the sea.

And here's my little model. He got sunglasses for Easter and he loves wearing glasses. I love his photos in glasses.

This photo I took on Wednesday. We are staying at home, because kids are still sick, but Maciek started using his potty (FINALLY!!!) and as we promised, after first day in pants I had to go to shop and buy him pants. He choosed pants with Scooby-Doo in racer so he has fairytale and Kubica in one. He was so proud in shop, he told the lady he uses potty and he wants pants with car. I had to make him photo just after we left the shop.

I'll be back later with free QPs.

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