Monday, 16 February 2009

New photos and LOs

We spent great weekend together. Finally had a chance to try new lenses. Kids were not very happy, because taking photos is not fun at all. At first Szymek was excited, he got lots of toys, but when he realised, he cannot go anywhere, just he should be on the bed, he was complaining a little bit.
Maciek was screaming all the time, but conversation about cats cheered him up so Piotr could take some nice shots.

Finally some LOs. I started creating songbook to Maciek, my older son. I was inspired by Sandra, who made fantastic book to her daughter. I made my first page - it a two pager about crayons.

I used there new Phuong's photo masks and add-on to those masks. Full credits can be found here.

I also made a page with Maciek and his girlfriend Dominika. He misses her very much so I decided we'll write to her, Maciek even wrote (I mean draw) a letter to her. So this page will be an add-on to her.

I used there Phuong's Februar mini kit and overlay by Favreau Designs.

I'm also working on my friend's pregnancy book, I don't really know how many pages I have, most of them are on my other computer, which I still cannot use, but I finished two more pages, which I'll upload soon.

I just want tell one more thing. FruitloopSally has new challenge on her blog, don't forget to visit it.

Thursday, 12 February 2009

I was tagged

I was tagged by Marta, and now I should tell 6 interesting things about me. It was not easy for me :)

1. I love sailing and traveling and if I could choose my dream holiday, it would be voyage on a big yacht through exotic seas with lots of adorable islands.

2. Both my husband and I like wines. We even had a trip to Hungary to visit places, where our favourite wines come from: Tokai and Eger.

3. I used to grow plants from seeds of fr
uits I ate. So on my window-sill I have passifloras, lemons, oranges, grapefruits, pommegranades or even mangoes. Unfortunately some of them couldn't be grown in our climate.

4. I can play piano and guitar but I can't sing at all. I also can't draw. Fortunately to me, my son Maciek always recognizes what kind of animal I tried to draw.

5. I was born when my mother was 24 years old, my mother was born when her mother (my grandma) was 24 y. o. The same is with my husband. We both broke this family tradition and we had our first child when we were older.

6. 13th December in Poland is a very sad day because of year 1981. For me it's one of the happiest dates: my father was born on that day, we moved into our own flat and it was the first day we spent together after coming back from hospital with newborn Maciek.

OK, now I'm tagging:



Agnieszka (aapas)

Agnieszka (novaczka)



I made a new LO with my kids. Here it is.

I made thi
s page with new Mia's kit Inspire by Nature.

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Finally together

We're finally together now. I forgot how love it is to be with husband all the time. Last 3,5 months were hard especially to me. Kids are demanding and I was alone with them except weekends. Finally we're together now :) New flat is nice, Warsaw is big but I can live with it. Maciek is excited with new places, where we go for walk, Szymek also seems to be happy here.

Yesterday Maciek celebrated his 26th month. Photos will be later, probably when I finally have access to my computer.

I finally scrapped latest Szymek's photo.

Credits: All by Lily Designs - new kit Opsy Daisy and frames from Once Upon a Time freebie

Friday, 6 February 2009

Gift from Martencja and a challenge

Just a short note - Martencja gives a gift, all you have to do is leave comment on HER BLOG and you may win :)

If you're interested, FruitloopSally has a challenge on HER BLOG, don't forget to visit it :)

Today is final day of packing and tomorrow - we're leaving Krakow.

Thursday, 5 February 2009

New photos, new kits

Finally I can post Szymek's new photos. I made those photos in a day when he celebrated his 7th month with us. He changed so much, he can do many things, like crawling, baby talking, he even can have fun with Maciek for a while.
I still can't use our new lens. As soon as we will be together in Warsaw, Piotr has to teach me how to make good photos using this lens.

Credits: Girly Girl photoborders by Lily Designs
We're still in Krakow. We planned move out from here last week, but we couldn't. Next Sathurday will be horrible we'll spend at least 5 hours in car with boys.. I don't know how they'll stand it.. It would be better if its

Wow, I'm so lucky to be in Martencja's team :) Today she released adorable kit, Secrets of the Heart and Word and Art "About Love" and I had a chance to play those kits. I made two pages so far and I'm sure I'll more :)

Credits: Secrets of the Heart and Word Art by Martencja, Tenderness and Passion by Krakatuka

Credits: Secrets of the Heart by Martencja

This week I was also RAKed by Katya (Krakatuka) with her sweet kit Tenderness and Passion. I made a wedding LO, another part to our wedding photobook.

Credits: Tenderness and Passion by Krakatuka, Word Art by Martencja,