Tuesday, 12 May 2009

If I could travel all over the world, I would definitely visit Japan, the Land of The Rising Sun, the Land of Cherry Blossom. I love movies that show at least a part of old Japan.

Today I have 3 LOs inspired by Asia. Lily Designs will release fabulous kit, Cherry Blossom, which is absolutely amazing. I made another page for my pregnant friend. I love her fantastic photos and I could scrap this picture all the time.

Credits here.

Second page was inspired by Thumbelina (Calineczka) by Hans Christian Andersen. I made this page for Karina and her little sweet girl, Alicja. I love Alicja's photos, she's such a sweetie :)

Credits here.

And the last page is also for my friend, it's a lift of a fabulous page by Kimla, Cherry Blossom. I won't upload it to galleries, because it's too similar to the original one, but I still love how it's turned out.

Just one more thing, Martencja is looking for a new team members, all details are on her ad. If you are interested, just visit her blog.


etrala said...

Przepiękne strony Madzia, subtelne i czarujące. Te zdjęcia kobiet z brzusiem są fantastyczne !

rena1001 said...

rewelacyjne prace!!! każda bez wyjątku jest perfekcyjna! :)