Saturday, 25 April 2009

My friend, Karina, made a page for my son, Maciek. I love her gorgeous design, I wanted to make similar page to Szymek, so here it is, page for Szymek inspired by her page.

You can see full credits in Karina's gallery here.

This is my page, credits here.

Spring is really here :) Everything is blooming and looks gorgeous :) I love making photos of flowers on trees. Lately I even convinced Maciek to pose some photos with a tree. Oh man, how proud he was posing to those photos :) Szymek doesn't have many photos outside, he's just 10 month old (well, he'll be tomorrow) and he can't walk so making him photos outside is difficult. But Maciek has hundreds. Here's page with one phf those posing pictures of Maciek.

Credits can be found here.

And here's the second for Szymek. It was inspired by Monicca's page Juicy.

Credits Juicy Spring by FruitLoOpSally.

Thursday, 23 April 2009

Paint the Ocean

Today I have two new memory pages. Both are from our last holiday in September 2007. And what is unusual, both are with my photos. Last year we didn't have any holiday because first we were waiting for Szymek and then he was too small to take him somewhere. This year, if economy allows us, we're going to visit Greece. It'll be in September so still few months to wait.

Both of them are made with new Lily's kit, Paint the Ocean. Full credits you can find in my DST gallery. Oh man, I love sea so much, I love the breeze and I really miss spending time at the seaside. I also miss sailing so much, it was my hobby in the past. I need to visit at least a lake, which is only 50km away from here to spend a day on a small beach with kids.

Monday, 20 April 2009

I'm back

My Easter holiday ended yesterday. We had guest from Easter Monday till yesterday. First my parents came here. It was first time my mum was here in our new place. We took kids to the Zoo. Maciek had great fun, he really enjoyed watching animals. He was so amazed with monkeys "Mommy, look, the monkey hast a butt" and from that moment butt became the most important thing which he had to notice looking at every single animal. Szymek was a bit tired, looking at animals wasn't attractive to him, first he had to eat, then drink and finally he felt asleep and woke up at the end of our trip.
I like being there, it was the first time we were in Warsaw in zoo. There were lovely giraffes there :) I love how they look like.
Some photos from our trip:

Kids with Daddy and Grandpa

Elephants decided to take a bath in dirt, they looked so happy bathing.

I love giraffes!!!

She was looking exactly to the camera.

Maciek wanted to touch girrafe and he really tried to go to them.

My parents stayed here till Thursday. Kids were so happy spending time with grandparents. We enjoyed that visit too, we could leave kids and go to the cinema. We watched "Vicky Cristina Barcelona". I really recommand this movie.

On Friday in-laws visited us. The weather wasn't good, it was raining all Sathurday and we didn't take them to a trip. We just cut Szymek's hair. My little baby doesn't look like an angel anymore, he looks more mature (if I can something like this about 10 months old kid).

I miss a little bit his hair but now he looks like a boy, I hope nobody will ask me about DAUGHTER's name again.

On Sunday we went to a park with in-laws. It's lovely there when it's green everywhere.

Maciek with grandma.

I didn't have much time for scrapping and I'm so back with all my CT LOs. I just finished few, here they are:

This page was made for Carin (aka Carinspixels) and her daughter, Esmee, who lost her best friend Wooly. Credits: Miss Cherie by Glamfairy.

My kids in Sathurday before Easter. Credits: April by Phuong Ton.

Sunday before Easter. Credits: Bunny Hop by FruitLoOpSally.

Thursday, 9 April 2009

Mother's Day

Yesterday I met fantastic lady :) We met for the first time and I had this feeling, that we know each other for a long time. Thank you Marta for this wonderful evening :) I have no photos, but if nothing unexpected will happen, I have photos tomorrow, because we're planning meet again, this time with pur kids.

Next month Mother's Day is coming. Some will look for a perfect gift for mother. Lily Designs prepared something different this time. Lily Designs has a pack of QPs made by their team (I also have my contribution there) and it's made for Mother's Day. In Poland it's celebrated on 26th May. I think I'll use those pages for making a photobook with my kids. These QPs are divided in two parts and have a pack of Word Art. You can find there Word Arts in different languages. Here are the previews.

You can find it here.

You can find it here.

My pages look like this:

The last page is packed as a free QP with another one made by babelek, here is a preview:

You can download them here.

In the freebie pack there's also discount coupon included, so don't miss it!!!

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

For Marta

I love scrapping pregnancy photos. I miss all photos I don't have from both my pregnancies and I'm absolutely in love with my friend's photos. I'm still making a photobook for her, I'm a half done I think. Few days ago a friend of mine, Marta (known in digiworld as Martencja) made gorgeous pregnancy shots and she allowed me use her photos. I made a page for her and her little baby, who'll be born in few months time. I really love how this page turned out, Marta's photo was so stunning and I was affraid that my scrap won't show the whole beauty of Marta and the new life inside her. But at the end I was really pleased with effect.

If you are curious, what kit I used, don't forget to check tomorrow After Five Designs, look for Kimla Designs and her lovely kit Mummy's Treasures.

Monday, 6 April 2009

Day at Zoo and toot :)

After almost a year, I finally scrapped my zoo photos. Last year we took Maciek to zoo for the first time. He loved animals in books so we thought he'll love the zoo. He likes being there. When animals were far anough. In a part of zoo, where we could feed and touch animals (rabbits, goats, turtles and other) he was crying, he was affraid of animals. We couldn't believe that, but he cried everytime he was close enough to a pony or goat. He was even affraid when Piotr or I was close to them. So we left that part of zoo and just watched wild animals.

That's how Maciek act when he was too close to eg. ponies.

He was such a baby, now he's so big boy. When the time flies.

And my favourite photo from that trip, two camels.

And finally my pages:

Phuong Ton helped me with scrapping these zoo photos :) She made a gorgeous kit, Day at The Zoo so now I could create two pages for Maciek. Lilja made another page for me so now I have few pages for another photobook. Full credits can be found here and here.

On Sathurday we were in Powsin, in the gardens. Although spring is still not quite here, in gardens was so good, we saw so many beautiful flowers. Maciek loved there too, Szymek was tired, wanted to sleep but he enjoyed the fresh air.

Here are few shots we made.

These were Piotr's shots. Two next are mine.

Piotr even made few shots of butterflies. It took him about 15 minutes (Maciek was getting crazy because he didn't see his dad) but I love the effect. I was amazed seeing butterflies eye for the first time.

I made a page with Maciek's photos from that trip. He was so happy running everywhere. He's such an active kid.

Tempting Nature by FruitLoOpSally and photo mask from Silver Story by Martencja Designs are supplies I used here.

OK, last but not least - I'mm be Catherine's guest!!!!!!! Wow, I'm soooo happy!!!!!! I sent my application but I didn't believe I could be accepted and now I'm so surprised and happy :)

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Spring in the Heart

OK, no more sneak peeks, just LOs with this fantastic kit by Stephanie known as Glam Fairy. Her kit, Spring in the Heart, is avalaible at SBG

Lorilei prepared something special for you, go and check her blog.