Monday, 20 April 2009

I'm back

My Easter holiday ended yesterday. We had guest from Easter Monday till yesterday. First my parents came here. It was first time my mum was here in our new place. We took kids to the Zoo. Maciek had great fun, he really enjoyed watching animals. He was so amazed with monkeys "Mommy, look, the monkey hast a butt" and from that moment butt became the most important thing which he had to notice looking at every single animal. Szymek was a bit tired, looking at animals wasn't attractive to him, first he had to eat, then drink and finally he felt asleep and woke up at the end of our trip.
I like being there, it was the first time we were in Warsaw in zoo. There were lovely giraffes there :) I love how they look like.
Some photos from our trip:

Kids with Daddy and Grandpa

Elephants decided to take a bath in dirt, they looked so happy bathing.

I love giraffes!!!

She was looking exactly to the camera.

Maciek wanted to touch girrafe and he really tried to go to them.

My parents stayed here till Thursday. Kids were so happy spending time with grandparents. We enjoyed that visit too, we could leave kids and go to the cinema. We watched "Vicky Cristina Barcelona". I really recommand this movie.

On Friday in-laws visited us. The weather wasn't good, it was raining all Sathurday and we didn't take them to a trip. We just cut Szymek's hair. My little baby doesn't look like an angel anymore, he looks more mature (if I can something like this about 10 months old kid).

I miss a little bit his hair but now he looks like a boy, I hope nobody will ask me about DAUGHTER's name again.

On Sunday we went to a park with in-laws. It's lovely there when it's green everywhere.

Maciek with grandma.

I didn't have much time for scrapping and I'm so back with all my CT LOs. I just finished few, here they are:

This page was made for Carin (aka Carinspixels) and her daughter, Esmee, who lost her best friend Wooly. Credits: Miss Cherie by Glamfairy.

My kids in Sathurday before Easter. Credits: April by Phuong Ton.

Sunday before Easter. Credits: Bunny Hop by FruitLoOpSally.


agnieszkag said...

to jak ma na imię córeczka ? hahaha
świetne fotki Madzia ! a młody wygląda jak prawdziwy mężczyzna ;)

Anonymous said...

witaj Madziu :) Jakże miło było popatrzeć na Twoje PRZEŚLICZNE fotki i przeczytać, że miło spędziliście święta :) Maciuś jest słodki a Szymonek po prostu podbił moje serce :) Ślicznie wygląda z tymi krótkimi włoskami.