Saturday, 25 April 2009

My friend, Karina, made a page for my son, Maciek. I love her gorgeous design, I wanted to make similar page to Szymek, so here it is, page for Szymek inspired by her page.

You can see full credits in Karina's gallery here.

This is my page, credits here.

Spring is really here :) Everything is blooming and looks gorgeous :) I love making photos of flowers on trees. Lately I even convinced Maciek to pose some photos with a tree. Oh man, how proud he was posing to those photos :) Szymek doesn't have many photos outside, he's just 10 month old (well, he'll be tomorrow) and he can't walk so making him photos outside is difficult. But Maciek has hundreds. Here's page with one phf those posing pictures of Maciek.

Credits can be found here.

And here's the second for Szymek. It was inspired by Monicca's page Juicy.

Credits Juicy Spring by FruitLoOpSally.

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