Monday, 6 April 2009

Day at Zoo and toot :)

After almost a year, I finally scrapped my zoo photos. Last year we took Maciek to zoo for the first time. He loved animals in books so we thought he'll love the zoo. He likes being there. When animals were far anough. In a part of zoo, where we could feed and touch animals (rabbits, goats, turtles and other) he was crying, he was affraid of animals. We couldn't believe that, but he cried everytime he was close enough to a pony or goat. He was even affraid when Piotr or I was close to them. So we left that part of zoo and just watched wild animals.

That's how Maciek act when he was too close to eg. ponies.

He was such a baby, now he's so big boy. When the time flies.

And my favourite photo from that trip, two camels.

And finally my pages:

Phuong Ton helped me with scrapping these zoo photos :) She made a gorgeous kit, Day at The Zoo so now I could create two pages for Maciek. Lilja made another page for me so now I have few pages for another photobook. Full credits can be found here and here.

On Sathurday we were in Powsin, in the gardens. Although spring is still not quite here, in gardens was so good, we saw so many beautiful flowers. Maciek loved there too, Szymek was tired, wanted to sleep but he enjoyed the fresh air.

Here are few shots we made.

These were Piotr's shots. Two next are mine.

Piotr even made few shots of butterflies. It took him about 15 minutes (Maciek was getting crazy because he didn't see his dad) but I love the effect. I was amazed seeing butterflies eye for the first time.

I made a page with Maciek's photos from that trip. He was so happy running everywhere. He's such an active kid.

Tempting Nature by FruitLoOpSally and photo mask from Silver Story by Martencja Designs are supplies I used here.

OK, last but not least - I'mm be Catherine's guest!!!!!!! Wow, I'm soooo happy!!!!!! I sent my application but I didn't believe I could be accepted and now I'm so surprised and happy :)


Heather said...

AW! The story about him liking the animals - as long as they are far away, that reminds me of my 2 year old.

I love the pictures and the pages are gorgeous! And congrats on being a guest for Catherine, amazing scrapper, wonderful designer, and a beautiful woman period!

Lena said...

your photos are absolutely gorgeous! And congrats on the CT gig!

todido said...

gorgeous pics sweetie!! and I waiting for you by Catherine:):) hugs

JanMary said...

Amazing macro shots of the flowers.

Love the zoo photos and layouts too.

k. said...

Fantastyczne zdjęcia Magda!

SarahB said...

What beautiful photos and layouts! Looks like a fun day!

Meisie said...

Congrats on your guest spot! And I love coming to your blog! Your LO's are so lovely and the pictures are beautiful! I find it refreshing to drop by here!