Saturday, 5 December 2009

Project: Christmas

I got crazy about Project Christmas :) Sandra encouraged me to participating so I want make a LO of everyday preparation to Christmas. LOs have lots of journaling and I love making it :)

My LOs from whole month will be uploaded here and list of credits will be below.

Project Christmas by FruitLoOpSally and Fizzy Pop
Fa La La La La by FruitLoOpSally and Kate Hadfield
First Christmas mini by Jofia Devoe
Time of Joy by Jofia Devoe
Mono Tones by FruitLoOpSally and Cinnamon Designs
Creation 23 by Catherine Designs and Createwings
Decorated Twines by Jofia Devoe
Lizzy by FruitLoOpSally
Sophie's B-day by FruitLoOpSally
Lazy Summer Days by FruitLoOpSally and Holly
Going Camping mini by Kasia
Big Adventure by Jofia Devoe
Boys are cool by Vera Lim
Letter to Santa by Lily Designs
Good Morning by Karina Designs
Hoppin Frog Jamboree by Lorie Davison exclusively for DAM
Homemade Holidays by A5 designers
Xmas Warmth by Karina Designs
Winter Romance by Kimla Designs and Martencja Designs
Birthday Wishes by Cinnamon Designs
Winter Sonata by Phuong Ton
Magical Morning by FruitLoOpSally
X-mas kit by ON Designs
9 days of Christmas by Lily
Holiday Shimmer by Phuong Ton and Microferk
Brighten my day by FruitloOpSally
Juicy Spring by FruitloOpSally
Changes by FruitloOpSally
Apple Blossom by FruitloOpSally
Autumn Impressions by Kimla Designs
Holiday Tradition by FruitloOpSally
Frosted Grunge by FruitloOpSally
Snowfall by FruitloOpSally
Winter Wonderland by FruitloOpSally
Winter Wonderland add-on by FruitloOpSally
Room Service by FruitloOpSally
Joy of Cooking by Karina Designs
What's for dinner by Cinnamon Designs
Winter Song by Jofia and Milla
Winter Fairyland by Martencja exclusively for DAM
Winter Poetry by Natali
Playing with Overlays by Natali
Open the Door the Magical Time by Natali
Drifting Snow Dreams by Lorie
Winter retreat freebie by Catherine
Christmas Medley by Kasia
First Christmas mini by Jofia
Time of Joy by Jofia
Nativity Doodles by Kate Hadfield

1 comment:

Pati said...

Świetny projekt Magda :)
Najlepszego dla solenizanta. NO i czekam na te zdjęcia obiecane