Monday, 26 January 2009

Moving out from Krakow...

Today first part of our things left Krakow. I'll really miss this town. I wasn't born here, but I spent in Krakow best years of my life. I met here wonderful friends, I had such a great time and what's the most important, two my lovely boys were born here. Now it's time to leave this wonderful town.. I don't like Warsaw. I don't know how will I exist here. But finally we'll be together with hubbie.

Today my little one reached lovely age 7 months old. I tried to make some photos of him, but he moves so fast... I thing I need more photos of him, these I took today aren't scrapable.

OK, little birdie told me, that FruitloopSally will have a new kit soon :) I even have a sneak peak :)


Brydka said...

Ah Madzia, sama kocham Kraków, choć od dziecka w Warszawie, jednak w Krakowie inne życie, z Krakowa leciałam do UK i nie dane mi się nim bylo nacieszyć ;/
Dziękuję za odwiedzinki kochanie, bo i Ja chętnie zaglądam ;) I cieszę się, że razem jesteśmy w CT :)

SarahG said...

Good Luck on your move!
WHat a cute sneak peek of that kit, can't wait to see it!

Thanks for visiting my blog! Have a great Day!

Lorie M Designs said...

Birthday to your son!

cute sneak peek!

momto4boys said...

Good Luck with your move, I am sad for you having to leave your town and wish you well in Warsaw.